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• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you have a complaint, contact Rey.
• No godmodding (your character wades through the knife tornado unscathed) or powerplaying (Makoto punches Haruka a million times. Your thread partner decides if their character can escape, not you).
• There is no 'late.' If you want to roleplay with someone, tag them. The worst that can happen is no reply.
• Graphic violence and sex is allowed. Note it in your thread's subject line if it happens. Feel free to take it to your character's journals if you want.
• A dressing room's free rein - things can get a little crazy. Whether it's a tag of grammar vomit or your character's suddenly-existing twice-removed super-powered uncle, you don't have to slog through anything you don't like - preferences are peachy. Make them clear and respect them.
• Given the dimensional tears/holes, characters will pop in on each other - ask the people threading if it's all right to join them. If you don't want your character or thread partner potentially interrupted in, say, a steamy moment, mark the thread as [closed to (thread partner's username)]. Characters are free to travel from world to world provided the connecting tear's still open. If it closes, getting back could be tricky.
• Do whatever you want with death.