Mar. 22nd, 2037 02:18 pm
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Have concerns about Galaxy Cauldron? Want to privately pitch an idea or event? Have I missed something? Comment here. Anonymously, under a sock account, private message...details below!

Plurk: [ profile] spiritsfate

IP logging's off, all comments are screened, and anonymous is enabled.

Thanks to Lazdo for creating the community!


Mar. 22nd, 2036 02:24 pm
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• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you have a complaint, contact Rey.
• No godmodding (your character wades through the knife tornado unscathed) or powerplaying (Makoto punches Haruka a million times. Your thread partner decides if their character can escape, not you).
• There is no 'late.' If you want to roleplay with someone, tag them. The worst that can happen is no reply.
• Graphic violence and sex is allowed. Note it in your thread's subject line if it happens. Feel free to take it to your character's journals if you want.
• A dressing room's free rein - things can get a little crazy. Whether it's a tag of grammar vomit or your character's suddenly-existing twice-removed super-powered uncle, you don't have to slog through anything you don't like - preferences are peachy. Make them clear and respect them.
• Given the dimensional tears/holes, characters will pop in on each other - ask the people threading if it's all right to join them. If you don't want your character or thread partner potentially interrupted in, say, a steamy moment, mark the thread as [closed to (thread partner's username)]. Characters are free to travel from world to world provided the connecting tear's still open. If it closes, getting back could be tricky.
• Do whatever you want with death.


Mar. 24th, 2035 06:52 pm
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Want a refresher on the series or roleplaying in general? These links may help.

Sailor Moon Wiki.
Thorough! Has a Locations page and separates characters by canon.

Senshi Doll Maker.
If you're thinking of making an original senshi, this can definitely help spur ideas. Clothing and hair is layerable - clicking the big jewel on the bottom right shows more options.

Guide to Dreamwidth Roleplay.
This one's specifically to show Tumblr users how we do things, but it's a good read for anyone not used to the Dreamwidth format. Note that, since we're a dressing room, you don't have to worry about activity checks, applications, or the like.

Plot Scenario Generator
If you're having trouble coming up with something to post, generators like this one may help.

If a site or something else's helped you and it's not listed, please contact Rey and she'll add it here!


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